BeeFinity membership

Description Free Professional Basic View
€ 0,- €245,- € 45,- € 10,-
Price per user/month, billed annually Price per user/month, billed annually Price per user/month, billed annually
Start for free Buy now Buy now Buy now
Search, compare, select
Sees all technical data
Price and delivery time information (only available in NL)
Can edit data      
Description builder
Custom fields
Typical Manager® integration
Exchange formats: Excel
Exchange formats: Eplan (own configuration)
Exchange formats:
Eplan (fixed format) / XML / JSON
User management
Adjust classifications
Own classification
High degree of automation
Use of API
Product exports at a time 500 unlimited unlimited
Products per organization max 1500 Limit of 10.000 * Limit of 10.000 * Limit of 10.000 *

All prices are excluding VAT. All payments, including those for extensions, are made via direct debit.
* Extra items can be purchased for € 5,- per 10.000 products per month.


Frequently asked questions

What if I want to purchase more than 20 users?

If you want to purchase more than 20 users you can use our calculator to calculate the price and see which licenses we recommend.

Do I pay extra for the 2BA connection?

You must pay extra for the 2BA connection. A 2BA license can be purchased via the 2BA website.

How long do the contracts last? Can I change my license?

Licences are renewed annually. You can enter, stop or make changes to your license at any time (but there will be no refund if you cancel or downgrade). Contact us for more information.

Can you use free users together with paid users?

No this is not possible. If there are paid users you can at least use a view license.

How many professional users do I need?

We often see 1 professional user per 5 users. You can also see this in our calculator.

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