A single platform with all products structured and easy to find

Do you want a single platform where all product data is managed and maintained? Where all items can easily be found? BeeFinity is the ultimate solution, offering a single platform that brings together all your organisation’s engineering product data. These BeeFinity features will improve your organisation’s product management:

  • Filtering, bulk actions and searching
  • Product classification
  • Dashboard
  • Link between the platforms

BeeFinity offers you:

  • An independent platform;
  • A single platform where all product data in your organisation is collected and managed;
  • A simple user interface;
  • The ability to add universal and/or customer-specific classifications to the platform and add properties to products. These classifications follow international standards, including ETIM;
  • The ability to search easily based on classifications and characteristics;
  • The ability to use product data from data pools (such as 2BA) as input for the platform.

Search, filter and sort

Products can be searched. Directly by type number, but also based on properties that you are used to in webshops.

Compare products

Compare products while searching for the right product.


Description builder

Thanks to the Description builder you will never have to deal with descriptions and typos again! This by automatically generating names and descriptions according to your own structure. The Description builder makes it possible to define rules that describe the characteristics of products in a simple way.

From 2BA to Eplan

This video shows the functionalities of importing product data which are retrieved by 2BA in BeeFinity and subsequently transferred to Eplan by an import.



Complete control over your catalog. You can supplement or improve data so that errors during the engineering can be prevented. This ensures that data is unambiguously entered across all manufacturers.


By using classified products, data can be clearly and unambiguously entered. This also makes comparisons based on characteristics possible. The basic classification is based on ETIM, this can be expanded by the user.

Create automatic product descriptions

Let everyone create uniform product numbers by having them generated automatically.

Connection with 2BA

Your catalog can easily be filled with products available from 2BA. There are now more than 3 million! 2BA collects technical data and trade information from producers and wholesalers from the installation sector. Is your purchasing department already using this? See also 2BA.nl

Create user defined fields

User defined fields can be added yourself. Examples are products that are used for a specific customer or CNC processing time.

Eplan export mapping

The product data is suitable for trouble-free exchange with known CAD applications. You are “in control” to send the data to the desired fields. In this way you have clarity for all products and manufacturers in one go.

Create series

Create your own series. If products are imported from 2BA, series are created automatically. When searching for the right product or mutating, a series can help you quickly create a filter.

Export and import possibilities

Product data can be easily created and supplemented using the well-known JSON, XML and Excel exchange formats. This way your existing data can be reused. Or be used for exchanging with another system.