The digital catalog for electrical products!

Do you want to search for products quickly, increase the quality of your product data and reduce the time for product management?
We solve this organisational pressure point in production and process automation with BeeFinity! We can achieve improvement in your organisation thanks to years of experience and expertise with regard to the design and management of production and automation systems.

With BeeFinity you create your own digital catalog for electrical products and you are in control of all data yourself.

Do you recognise these situations?

  • The product data in your organisation is managed across multiple platforms;
  • The data is managed and processed by several people, each with their own working methods and naming. Neither the working methods nor the processes are standardised;
  • Engineers spend a great deal of time creating and searching for products with the current working method;
  • Your different platforms (software applications) list alternative products due to incomplete or differing information.

These situations cause various problems, such as quality issues, loss of time and unnecessary costs for your organisation. If you recognise these situations,
BeeFinity is your solution.

Time gain

  • Easily create and modify new items
  • Find items quickly and easily
  • Share items with your other applications
  • Perform bulk actions on current productdata

Quality gain

  • Uniformity
  • Classification
  • Unambiguous management
  • Productdata tailored to your organisation